M8S V2 Polisher with Tool Bag

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  • Store your dual action polisher safely with the durable 1680D Oxford fabric detailing bag
  • Easily carry your M8S V2 where ever you need
  • Lightweight polisher makes for effortless travel when detailing out in the field
  • M8S V2 is a dual action polisher with an 8mm throw, 5in backing plate, with a 1000W motor
  • Ideal for beginners, its design is also suited for boat detailing

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Powerhouse Bundle

Detailing Bag with M8S V2
Power, Portability, and Protection

The detailing bag, made from 1680D oxford fabric, safeguards your dual action polisher in style, ensuring secure storage and effortless portability. The M8S V2, a lightweight gem with an 8mm throw and 5-inch backing plate, boasts a formidable 1000W motor, delivering professional-grade performance. Designed for both novices and seasoned detailers, the M8S V2's versatility extends to boat detailing, making it a must-have for marine enthusiasts. Whether you're at home or out in the field, its lightweight build ensures easy travel, empowering you to elevate your detailing game anywhere you go.


M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher with Detailing Bag

Features & Benefits

Professional and Beginner-Friendly Dual Action Polisher 

The M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher is crafted for both beginners and professional car enthusiasts, guaranteeing a flawless finish. Designed for ease without compromising on professional standards, it transforms your car's appearance to a showroom-worthy shine.

M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher for Car Detailing Red Polisher White Car

Detailing Bag Provides Safe Storage and Easy Portability

The detailing bag holds all your car detailing supplies while keeping them organized. It's spacious enough to hold a polisher, like the M8S V2 DA Polisher, and a complete set of detailing tools when you need to take them with you. 

M8S V2 with Tool Bag - Detailing Bag Great Portability for Detailing Tools
M8S V2 with Tool Bag Perfect Beginner Set or Professional Addition Detailing Bag

Perfect Beginner Set or Professional Addition

Enter into the world of detailing with the ideal set or add the perfect backup kit to your professional setup.
M8S V2 with Tool Bag - Detailing Bag with Expansive Storage Capabilities

Expansive Storage Capabilities

Instead of just holding a polisher, keep your other detailing tools, chemicals, and microfiber towels neatly organized.
M8S V2 with Tool Bag - Dual Action Polisher and Detailing Bag Built to Last

Built to Last

Constructed for durability, both the M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher and 1680D Oxford Fabric Detailing Bag will maintain its place in your detailing toolset for years.

What's in the M8SV2 Box?

gifts for dad - m8s v2 polisher with the m8s v2 bundle kit
MaxShine Dual Action Polisher for Car Detailing

Compare DA Polishers

M15 Pro

M8S V2

M21 Pro

MaxShine M15 Pro Dual Action Orbital Polisher

MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher for Car Detailing

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Dual Action










2,200-5,000 OPM

2,500-6,500 OPM

1,800-4,800 OPM

Backing Plate





5.15 lbs

5.11 lbs

6.71 lbs

Dimensions (in)

16(L) x 4.1(W) x 5.1(H)

13.4(L) x 3.5(W) x 5.4(H)

16.5(L) x 4.2(W) x 5.2(H)


6 lbs


15.35 × 6.3 × 6.1 in

Polisher Dimension & Weight

13.4(L)x3.5(W)x5.4(H) , 5.11 lbs

Bag Dimension & Weight

11.8(L)x7.9(W)x10.2(H) , 2 lbs

Polisher Type

Dual Action

Orbit Diameter


Backing Plate

5in (125mm)



No Load Speed

2 , 500-6 , 500 OPM

Spindle Thread Size


Power Cord

13 Foot Heavy Duty Cable

Speed Control

1 – 6


Variable Speed



Maxshine_Acronim_Logo Brand



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  1. What is a dual action polisher and how does it work for car detailing?
    A dual action polisher is a versatile tool used for car detailing that combines both rotary and orbital movements. It works by spinning the polishing pad in a randomized orbit, allowing for safe and efficient paint correction without causing damage or swirl marks.
  2. Why should I use a dual action polisher for paint correction and polishing?
    Using a dual action polisher for paint correction and polishing offers several benefits. It ensures even and consistent results, reduces the risk of paint damage, removes swirl marks and light scratches, enhances gloss and shine, and provides a safer and user-friendly experience compared to traditional rotary polishers.
  3. How do I choose the right dual action polisher for my needs?
    When selecting the right dual action polisher, consider factors such as power, speed control options, backing plate size, weight, ergonomics, brand reputation, and customer reviews. Assessing these factors will help you find a polisher that aligns with your specific requirements and delivers optimal results.
  4. Can I use a dual action polisher on any type of paint?
    Dual action polishers are generally safe to use on various automotive paint finishes, including clear coat, single-stage paint, and ceramic coatings. However, it's recommended to perform a spot test on a small inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential issues.
  5. Do I need any special training to use a dual action polisher effectively?
    While special training is not required, it's beneficial to familiarize yourself with the polisher's operation and practice on a test panel or less visible areas before tackling larger projects. Online tutorials, manufacturer instructions, and guidance from experienced detailers can also help you achieve optimal results.
  6. Can a dual action polisher remove deep scratches from my vehicle's paint?
    Dual action polishers are primarily designed for light to moderate paint correction. While they can improve the appearance of shallow scratches and swirl marks, deep scratches may require more extensive repair methods, such as wet sanding.
  7. What accessories should I use with a dual action polisher?
    To maximize the performance of your dual action polisher, consider using compatible accessories such as foam or microfiber pads, varying cutting and polishing compounds, pad conditioners, backing plates, and pad cleaning tools. These accessories help achieve different levels of correction, polishing, and finishing.
  8. How often should I use a dual action polisher for car maintenance?
    The frequency of using a dual action polisher for car maintenance depends on factors like the condition of the paint, desired results, and personal preference. However, it's generally recommended to perform paint correction and polishing as needed or as part of a regular detailing routine to maintain the appearance and protect the paint surface.
  9. Can a dual action polisher be used for other applications besides car detailing?
    Yes, dual action polishers have applications beyond car detailing. They can be used on various surfaces like boats, motorcycles, RVs, and even household items like countertops or furniture to remove light imperfections, restore shine, and enhance overall appearance.
  10. What maintenance and care are required for a dual action polisher?
    Proper maintenance and care of a dual action polisher include regular cleaning of pads and backing plates, lubrication of moving parts, checking and tightening connections, storing in a clean and dry area, and following manufacturer guidelines for maintenance intervals. These practices ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the polisher.
  11. What is the weight of the MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher and why is it important for car detailing? The MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher weighs 5.11 lbs (2.6kg), making it lightweight and easy to maneuver during car detailing sessions. Its reduced weight reduces operator fatigue and allows for longer polishing sessions without sacrificing control or performance.
  12. What are the dimensions of the MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher and how does its size affect maneuverability during polishing?
    The MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher has dimensions of 13.4 × 3.5 × 5.4 inches (34 × 8.9 × 13.7 cm). Its compact size offers excellent maneuverability, especially in tighter areas or when working on smaller surfaces, ensuring efficient and precise paint correction without compromising reach or accessibility.
  13. What is the orbit diameter of the MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher and how does it contribute to achieving a professional finish on automotive surfaces?
    The MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher features an orbit diameter of 8mm. This orbit diameter ensures an optimal balance between cutting power and fine finishing, allowing the polisher to remove imperfections effectively while minimizing the risk of paint damage, resulting in a professional-grade finish.
  14. What is the backing plate size of the MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher and how does it enhance its polishing capabilities and versatility?
    The MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher is equipped with a 5" (125mm) backing plate. This size offers versatility when choosing polishing pads, allowing you to tackle a wide range of detailing tasks with precision and efficiency. The larger backing plate size provides ample coverage, reducing the overall polishing time.
  15. How powerful is the MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher and how does its motor deliver exceptional performance in paint correction?
    The MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher boasts a powerful 1000W motor. This high-performance motor ensures ample power for effective paint correction, even on tougher blemishes and scratches. The increased power output enhances the polisher's ability to restore and rejuvenate the paint surface.
  16. What is the speed range of the MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher and how does the variable speed control offer precise control over polishing speed for different detailing tasks?
    The MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher offers a variable speed control range of 1 – 6. This feature allows you to adjust the polishing speed according to the specific requirements of your detailing task. Lower speeds are suitable for more delicate surfaces or applying wax, while higher speeds are ideal for paint correction and removing imperfections.
  17. Does the MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher have a long power cord and how does it provide convenient maneuverability during polishing sessions?
    The MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher comes with a 13-foot heavy-duty power cord. This generous cord length provides ample reach and flexibility, allowing you to move around the vehicle without restrictions, and ensuring convenient maneuverability during polishing sessions.
  18. What is the brand of the MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher and how does it relate to the quality and reliability of the product?
    The MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher is manufactured by MaxShine, a reputable and trusted brand in the car detailing industry. With a commitment to quality and reliability, MaxShine products are known for their exceptional performance, durability, and customer satisfaction, making them a preferred choice among car enthusiasts and professional detailers.
  19. Which dual action polisher works better for beginners? The shorter the throw range the better for control. If you are a beginner, the dual action polisher with an 8mm throw works better for you.
  20. Do I need a specific backing plate for the high-speed DA polisher?    Depending on the maximum speed of the DA polisher, choose the backing plate supporting the max speed of the polisher. For the DA polisher M8S V2, use a 10000 OPM backing plate. Maxshine offers up to 12000 OPM backing plates.
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