High Pro Polishing Pads Pack

  • Full set of polisher foam pads for heavy cutting, refined cutting, polishing, and finishing
  • High profile foam pads designed to eliminate scratches, swirl marks, and chemical oxidation
  • Professionally crafted featuring a center cut and tapered edge for proper heat dissipation
  • The pads’ optimized thickness provides seamless surface correction and safe contouring along curves
  • Compatible with rotary and dual action polishers equipped with hook and loop functionality


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Variety Foam Pad Set

Polisher Foam Pads
High Pro Polishing Pad Pack

This set of polisher foam pads is the ultimate arsenal for automotive paint perfection. This meticulously curated set comprises high profile foam pads for heavy cutting, cutting foam pads for versatile correction needs, polishing foam Pads for refining surfaces to a high gloss, and finishing foam pads for achieving a flawless, showroom-worthy shine. Each pad boasts a unique density engineered to excel in its specialized task, providing unparalleled precision and control. Elevate your detailing game and conquer every paint correction challenge with this all-inclusive set.

Polishing Foam Pads High Pro Polishing Pad Pack
Polisher Foam Pads - High Pro Foam Polishing Pads 6in

High Pro Foam Pads

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Polisher Foam Pads

Heavy Cutting


Polisher Foam Pad - Heavy Cutting High Pro Foam Polishing Pad

Heavy Cutting Foam Pad

Crafted with high-density foam, it offers superior firmness and resilience that's unparalleled in the world of foam pads. This density advantage translates to enhanced control and precision during heavy cutting, ensuring efficient removal of deep paint imperfections without compromising surface integrity. Achieve flawless results in heavy cutting scenarios, making it the go-to choice for meticulous automotive paint correction aficionados.

Polisher Foam Pads



Cutting Foam Pad

With a balanced foam density, this pad offers exceptional versatility across various paint correction tasks. Unlike other foam pads, its moderate density strikes the perfect equilibrium, making it ideal for general cutting needs without compromising on finesse. This pad's precisely engineered structure ensures a controlled and efficient cutting action, effectively eliminating moderate paint imperfections while preserving the surface integrity.

Polisher Foam Pad - Cutting High Pro Foam Polishing Pad
Polisher Foam Pads



Polisher Foam Pad - Polishing High Pro Foam Polishing Pad

Polishing Foam Pad

The lower-density foam of this pad caters specifically to polishing tasks. Its unique composition offers a gentle touch while maintaining ample firmness, making it the optimal choice for refining surfaces after cutting or heavy correction processes. Unlike other foam pads, this specialized density ensures an even distribution of polishing agents, allowing for a flawless, high-gloss finish with a mirror-like shine, without risking over-polishing.

Polisher Foam Pads



Finishing Foam Pad

Designed with an ultra-soft, ultra-fine foam density, this pad is specifically tailored for the delicate art of finishing. Its ultra-low density ensures a gentle touch on surfaces, making it the ultimate choice for applying final polish, wax, or sealant. The specialized construction of this pad guarantees an impeccable, swirl-free finish, preserving the brilliance of the just-polished paintwork without any risk of marring or overworking the surface.

Polisher Foam Pad - FInishing High Pro Foam Polishing Pad

1 lbs


16 × 7 × 6 in

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Size (inch)

5 Inch , 6 Inch


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