Silicone Brush – Carpet Brush, Electrostatic Rubber Bristles

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The Silicone Brush attracts small particles like a magnet with its natural electrostatic charges while brushing. 

  • Used as a carpet brush for picking up hairs and lint
  • Made of rubber that builds up electrostatic while brushing 
  • The sturdy construction offers years of use. 
  • Quickly washable


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Silicone Brush For Removing Hairs From Carpet

The silicone brush, made of Electrostatic Rubber Bristles, picks up Any small particles, hairs, and lint using its electrostatic build-up during brushing on the carpet. Crafted from durable material, it does not change its appearance easily and provides longevity, further strengthened by firmly tied bristles to the brush body. An additional safety bumper is carefully wrapped between the handle and rubber bristles, preventing damage to other objects.

Silicone Brush Using Electrostatic Build-up

The silicone brush harnesses the power of electrostatic build-up through its rubber bristles when contacting surfaces, and it naturally generates electrostatic charges, effectively attracting and picking up hairs, lint, and small particles embedded in the carpet. 

Durable and Ergonomic Construction 

This brush maintains its appearance effectively, ensuring longevity, and is further enhanced by securely fastening the bristles to the brush body. An additional safety bumper is wrapped between the handle and rubber bristles, preventing potential damage to other objects during brushing; it is gentle on any surface and convenient to use with a comfortable grip. 


Dimension and weight: 6(L)x1.9(W)x3.5(H) inch, Bristle length: 1.25 inch, 6.4oz 

Material: Silicone,  Color: Red

Features and Benefits:

  • It uses electrostatic energy to grab and whisk away stubborn pet hair, lint, and small particles. 
  • A portable design and comfortable grip make for quick and easy brushing.
  • 45-degree angled, ergonomic design 
  • Firmly tied bristles to the body 
  • Durable and soft rubber will get deep into fibers and not cause pilling or damage.
  • The durable body and bristles offer a long service life.
Interior Detailing Silicone Brush

Ergonomic and durable: 45-degree angled and comfortable handle


Silicone Brush

Great for removing pet fur, hair, lint, dust, and debris

Silicone Brush

Using a natural electrostatic charge from its silicone bristles, this brush attracts small particles like a magnet

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