The best gifts for dad | Gift your dad, a memorable car detailing DIY kits 

Here is a unique gift idea for your dad, who will enjoy using it with a full smile and thinking about you. If your dad is a car enthusiast, your gift should bring a deep appreciation. Your dad has worked hard taking care of his family, and he deserves a little gift from you, honoring him.  The car washing kits contain multiple valued items designed for simple washing, foam cannon washing, wheel and tire washing, and paint correction, ideal packages for car maintenance at home

gift for dad - car detailing kits

But, before start your discovery, let us check several facts about your dad and dad’s car:

  • Does he like washing the car or working on the car with tools?
  • How old is his car?
  • Does it have scratches, sunburn marks, or foggy headlight lamps?
  • The type of car seat: fabric or leather

Based on the findings, you may be able to choose the right gifts for your dad.

Check the list below for your consideration.

A simple car washing kit 

A car washing kit contains multiple products for your dad’s car washing, allowing him to wash and detail his valuable car easily and quickly: a 3.5-gallon bucket with lid, Microfiber wash mitt, Wheel cleaning brush, Tire scrub brush, Synthetic wool wash pad, Two(2) drying towels, and Interior towel. You may need a foam wash for a quick and easy wash. Here is how to use each item in the value pack.

gifts for dad - car wash bucket kit 3.5 gallons

Simple car washing kit contains:  

Product name Product Feature and how to use Product Image
3.5-gallon bucket with lid kit A 3.5-gallon bucket containing water with a foam wash compound. Pour 1 gallon of water then put 8oz of foam wash.   gifts for dad - car wash bucket kit 3.5 gallons
Microfiber Wash Mitt A glove-style wash mitt that absorbs a large amount of suds. Wear the wash mitt then soak it into the bucket.  Use the Wash Mitt to clean any car surfaces.  Micro Chenille Wash Mitt
Wheel Cleaning Brush It is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach shapes and narrow openings of wheels and tires using the 360-degree filled with bristles.   gifts for dad - wheel cleaning brush with the bucket kit
Tire Scrub Brush With durable bristles of the brush, stones, and hard objects embedded in the tire off effortlessly gifts for dad - tire scrub brush with the bucket kit
Synthetic Wool Wash Pad An ultra-soft washing pad, ideal for washing windows and mirrors, safe cleaning without leaving scratches  gifts for dad - synthetic wool pad with the bucket kit
Drying Towel(2 pieces) Use it for drying after washing the car MaxShine 500GSM Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Car Cloth
Interior Towel(2 pieces) All-purpose towel for cleaning the car interior; use it for removing dirt inside the car gifts for dad - all purpose towel with the bucket kit
Ultra Soft Edgeless Towel (2 pieces) A scratch-free towel aims to clean windows, dashboards, and any scratch-sensitive interior surface. Soak the towel with water and the cleaning compound mixed gifts for dad - 380gsm towel with the m8s v2 bundle kit

This affordable multi-value pack contains all the washing tools that your dad will enjoy washing his car.

Wheel and tire cleaning kit 

Wheels and tires are most vulnerable to road grime, oxidation, and UV rays, while they are critical parts. Regularly cleaning them offers longevity of the tires and wheels, and makes your dad feel fresh. This kit provides an easy way to remove dirt, any foreign objects, and oxidation, and it includes a wheel and tire cleaner, a soft wheel and tire scrub brush, and a detailing brush for car exterior or interior cleaning. 

gifts for dad - wheel and tire cleaning kit

The wheel and tire cleaning kit contains:  

Product name Product Feature and how to use Product Image
Wheel and Tire Kit A kit specially designed for cleaning wheels and tires gifts for dad - wheel and tire cleaning kit
Wheel & Tire Cleaner 16oz  Breaking down oil grease and contaminants. After the application, use brushes to detail wheels and tires.  MaxShine Wheel and Tire Cleaner
Wheel & Rim Barrel Brush 30cm  Use this brush for cleaning hard-to-rach angles, deep inside the wheels. gifts for dad - a wheel round shape brush with the wheel and tire cleaning kit
Soft Wheel & Tire Scrub Brush A long hair brush for cleaning wheels and tires gifts for dad - a wheel and tire brush with the wheel and tire cleaning kit
Premium Interior & Exterior Detailing Brush Made of 100% boar hair, soft while durable without leaving scratches, ideal for detailing the emblem or car interior.  gifts for dad - interior exterior detailing brush with the wheel and tire cleaning kit

An affordable wheels and tires detailing solution with 3 different types of brushes for complete coverage to clean hard-to-reach areas, tight openings, shaped areas, and far-to-reach targets, satisfying your dad’s cleaning efforts.

Foam cannon with Wash Bundle

A quick car wash works well with the foam cannon by connecting a garden hose to the foam cannon that contains foam wash compound, creating rich suds, effectively spraying the compound mixed with water to save your dad time and effort.  The kit includes a low-pressure foam cannon, ultra-plush microfiber wash mitt, foam wash compound, and drying towel.  This multi-value pack gives your dad an enjoyable moment washing his car.

gifts for dad - foam cannon with wash bundle value pack

Product name Product Feature and how to use Product Image
Foam cannon with wash bundle  A multi-value pack is designed for a quick car wash with a low-pressure foam cannon, ultra-plush microfiber wash mitt, foam wash compound, and drying towel. gifts for dad - foam cannon with wash bundle value pack
Low-Pressure Foam Cannon The foam cannon facilitates car washing and allows connecting to a garden hose quickly, no pressure washer is required.  (1 Liter tank).  gifts for dad - a low pressure foam cannon with wash bundle value pack
Ultra-Plush Microfiber Car Wash Mitt: A thumb-free wash mitt, ultra soft for lubricating the washing surface, containing a large amount of suds for effective washing gifts for dad - a wash mitt with wash bundle value pack
Single-Sided Twisted Loop Drying Towel A 600GSM, a large drying towel, effectively dries the washed car gifts for dad - a large drying towel with wash bundle value pack
Foam Wash 8 OZ The foam wash is pH-neutral, safe from scratches, and generates rich suds, working perfectly with a foam cannon.   gifts for dad -foam wash in the wash bundle value pack

This car wash bundle gives multiple values for car washing, especially if your dad lives in a house, he can use his garden hose to connect it to the foam cannon quickly that uses water pressure from the water hose without requiring an additional pressure washer.  Steps to use the bundle:

  • Fill 2/3 of the foam cannon (approximately 20 OZ) with water, then put 1.2 OZ of the foam wash
  • Stir or shake the tank
  • Connect a water hose to the foam cannon
  • Spray the content of the foam cannon on the target surface
  • After spraying, use the wash mitt to clean car surfaces
  • Repeat spraying and washing
  • Once complete, use the large drying towel to dry off

gifts for dad - foam cannon low-pressure car washing

 A dual-action polisher kit for your dad

If your dad enjoys detailing his car with various tools, this polisher kit brings a big smile.

Why does a beginner-friendly DA polisher help your dad?

A professional detailer usually prefers using a fast rotary polisher, which generates more heat since it spins in a single circular motion.  However, a dual action provides two motions: oscillation and circular spin, generating less heat and the DA is safer on paint correction jobs. Furthermore, the short throw is more manageable than long throw polishers and suitable for correcting paints in a small area. Thus, the 8mm short throw oscillation works best for beginners.

gifts for dad - m8s v2 bundle kit

A beginner-friendly dual action polisher provides 1000W motor power, an 8mm short throw range, and six(6) variable speed controls with balanced power for lowering vibration. The kid conveniently comes with Polish and protect compound, two(2) microfiber towels, and 5-inch high-profile cutting, polishing, and finishing pads.  

Product name Product Feature and how to use Product Image
M8S V2 Bundle A kit containing a DA polisher, 3 types of high-profile foam pads, polish & protect compound, and 2 pieces of utility towel to wipe off the surface after polishing. gifts for dad - m8s v2 bundle kit
M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher a beginner-friendly DA polisher gifts for dad - m8s v2 polisher with the m8s v2 bundle kit
5″ High-profile pads Cutting Pad, Polishing Pad, Finishing Pad: 3 pads  gifts for dad - high-pro foam pads with the m8s v2 bundle kit
Polish & Protect All-in-one 16 OZ polish and protect compound gifts for dad - polish and protect compound with the m8s v2 bundle kit
Microfiber Towel Two(2) pieces 380GSM 16″x16″ of utility towels to wipe off   gifts for dad - 380gsm towel with the m8s v2 bundle kit

Check other helpful information about what your dad might need.

If he has a car with foggy lamps, please check the headlight restoration kit. Check the section for interior cleaning on the car maintenance page, which explains details about car seat cleaning, and car carpet cleaning, and demonstrates before and after headlight restoration.

Summary of the best gifts for dad 

This article has discussed various kits suitable for gift items to your dad as he needs to detail his car. A detailing kit is a good idea for quickly checking and picking up the best items at once. Whether he is a car enthusiast or a consumer concerned about his car, the suggested list should appeal to him and make him happy. MaxShine is a car detailing brand focused on customer service as the highest priority.   


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