Polishing Pad Variety Packs – 3in, 5in, 6in

  • Complete car polishing pad set includes heavy cutting, refined cutting, polishing, and finishing components
  • Wool cutting pads enable quicker paint cutting and swirl removal
  • Polishing and finishing foam pads complement the paint refining process


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Polishing Pad Variety Packs

Polishing Pad Set
Wool & Foam, Cutting, Polishing, Finishing

This all-inclusive polishing pad set features an array of high-quality pads—crafted from both wool and foam—meticulously curated to cater to every paint correction process. From cutting and polishing to the final finishing touches, each pad is expertly engineered to deliver precise results while safeguarding your vehicle's paintwork. Elevate your detailing game effortlessly with this versatile Polishing Pad Variety Pack, ensuring a flawless, showroom-worthy finish with ease and finesse.

Polishing Pad Set Variety Pack
3 - 5 - 6 inch Wool Cutting Pad for buffer

Wool Pads

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MaxShine Foam Cutting Pads - 6" Finishing

Foam Cutting Pad

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MaxShine Foam Polishing Pads - 5" Polishing

Foam Polishing Pad

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MaxShine Foam Cutting Pads - 5" Cutting

Foam Cutting Pad

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MaxShine Foam Cutting Pads - 5" Heavy Cutting

Foam Heavy Cutting Pad

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Polishing Pad Set

Wool Cutting Pads

3″-5″-6″ Wool Cutting Pads

Cutting Pad

The natural wool cutting pad efficiently eliminates scratches and oxidation while boosting shine. Its properties ensure durability, resilience, and pressure resistance.

Long Fibered Cutting Pad

Made entirely from 100% pure wool, this top-tier cutting pad features extended fibers, ideal for tackling compounding and polishing tasks with finesse.

Polishing Pad Set

Foam Polishing Pads

polishing pads blue foam cutting pad on dual action polisher silver car

Heavy Cutting Pad

These cutting pads offer a complete solution for heavy cutting by efficiently removing tough oxidation and scratches, resulting in a shiny finish.

Foam Cutting Pad

Cutting Pad

Eliminate more than a polishing pad can erase, without going further into the realm of extensive imperfection correction.

Polishing Pads - Yellow Foam Polishing Pad with Dual Action Polisher on Silver Car

Polishing Pad

Effortlessly remove small imperfections using a cutting compound, or smooth away swirl marks to restore your paint to a dazzling brilliance.

Foam Finishing Pad

Finishing Pad

Low density foam has been specifically selected for wax and sealant application to eliminate risk of marring your freshly polished paint. 

*Color and style of items received may be different than shown, but will be the same effectiveness as described.

Polishing Pad Set

Compare Polishing Pad Variety Packs

3in Variety Pack

5in Variety Pack

6in Variety Pack

Polishing Pad Set - Polishing Pad Variety Pack 3in

Polishing Pad Set - Polishing Pad Variety Pack 5in

Polishing Pad Set - Polishing Pad Variety Pack 6in

Wool Cutting Pad

Long Fibered Wool
Cutting Pad

Foam Heavy Cutting Pad

Foam Cutting Pad

Foam Polishing Pad

Foam Finishing Pad


1 lbs


10 × 7 × 6 in

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